X-Calibur Inc

Headway Chemicals represent X-Calibur Construction Chemistry Inc. who are focused on the supply of high quality specialist construction products.??????????????? Their product range incorporates some of the latest technology worldwide reflecting their experience in working on projects internationally. More than 60% of thier staffs are qualified engineers, chemists or technologists

What they do best:

X-Calibur specialise in making concrete perform better in 2 main areas

1) Protection and waterproofing of concrete               2) Restoration of damaged concrete to restore its performance


They have technology partnership agreements with leading US, European, Middle and Far East companies that allows them to offer the latest products and technical support. All products are developed with the end user in mind.

Product Development

X-Calibur have the resourses and expertise to develop products to suit particular customer requirements. You explain the problem or need and they will provide an effective solution or they will say if it cannot be done.

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