Crystalline Waterproofing


We promote a high quality, crystalline cementitious waterproofing coating for concrete from X-Calibur Inc.

X-Calibur is an American corporation with manufacturing facilities globally and focused in the supply of high quality specialist construction products. Their product range incorporates some of the latest technology worldwide reflecting their experience in working on projects internationally. Headway Chemicals represent them on an exclusive basis in India for their Crystalline waterproofing products.

X-Pruf CrystalCoat                                         X-Roc CrystalPatch

X-Roc CrystalPlug                                          X-Pruf CrystalMix

 X-Seal 3C AF 

X-Seal 3C AF is a unique cold caulking cord supplied as a ready for use cord. The product is dampened, packed into the joint and tightly consolidated with a hammer and caulking tool to form a solid pressure resistant joint. The fibre reinforcement enables the joint to withstand hydrostatic pressure immediately the product is compacted. The product can accommodate vibration and normal deflection, as well as expansion and contraction caused by temperature variations.

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