Stopseal PS Coating

Stopseal® PS Coating has been developed for use on mineral wool as an alternative to pre coated batts. 

Stopseal® PS Coating is applied to pre-fitted stone fibre of 140 – 180kg/m3 density and thickness between 40 to 150mm

It prevents the passage of fire, smoke, air and sound between fire rated compartments giving a fire resistance tested
to EN1366-4: 2009 EI 120 or BS 476 240 mins.

Stopseal PS Coating Data Sheet

Can be used to coat service insulation as part of the sealing system. Stopseal® PS Coating is a water based an ablative acrylic coating, having excellent fire, water, air permeability and elastrometric properties for service penetration openings containing metallic pipes, cables, cable trays, H & V ducts and trunkings. Ideal for spray, trowel, brush & pouring applications. At normal temperatures, Stopseal® PS Coating remains flexible to permit thermal and mechanical movement of services and the building structure. The product is unaffected by oil, fungus and contains no halogens, asbestos and contains no VOC’s.