Pyropro HPE

PyroPro® HPE (High Pressure Exerting) is a graphite based product which when exposed to fire expands protecting penetrations including cables, cable bunches, cable trays, plastic (up to 125mm) and metallic pipes.

Product Data Sheet

Pyropro® HPE maintains the integrity and insulation performance of the seal through masonary and plasterboard.
PyroPro HPE is supplied in rigid cartridge format for application with an applicator gun; it has excellent non slump
properties coupled with ease of application due to its water based nature.

The sealant is intended for use in service penetrations through walls and floors where fire integrity and insulation
needs to be preserved. Under fire conditions the product swells and exerts pressure to the surrounding substrates
leading to closure of the penetration. The integrity and insulation is then maintained by the stability of the remaining
product char.

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