PaveSeal PU

PAVESEAL PU is a one part polyurethane sealant for airfields, roads, industrial and commercial floor joints. The one-component product requires no mixing at site and offers a primerless system in most instances. Polyurethane offers excellent tear and abrasion resistance, fast curing properties, good shock and vibration resistance, high dynamic stress absorption and high movement capabilities.

Paveseal PU has excellent resistance to trafficking and complies with BS5212:1990  Type FB , EN14187-5   and  BS EN ISO11600 F 25 HM

Paveseal PU has the benefit of being self-leveling which reduces application error and the material has a fast tack-free time and through cure.

Excellent UV resistance               Jodhpur Approval            References

It is a highly versatile material suitable for a wide range of pavement joint applications.

Paveseal PU                   Guidelines For PAVESEAL PU Application in Airports