Cladfill Acoustic Sealant

CLADFILL Acoustic Sealant is a high quality, water based, co-polymer acrylic with acoustic properties.

It is specifically formulated to seal low movement joints, gaps and cracks. Cladfill Acoustic Sealant will adhere to most common building materials such as plaster, concrete, wood metal etc, without the need for any priming.

Typical applications include
● Sealing joints around internal door frames, windowsills, skirting boards.
● Sealing gaps around the internal frames of windows
● Sealing cracks in internal and external plaster work before painting
● General gap, joint filler for internal applications in gypsum walls and ceilings
● General sealing of internal fixtures and fittings

Accoustic Properties – STC 50bB, ASTM E-413 – 122mm thick drywall partition system

Cladfill Acoustic Sealant Data Sheet