Specialists in sealants, waterproofing, passive fire protection for the construction and industrial market and sealants for the automotive market. Headway Chemicals aim to provide solutions to our clients, delivering high performance, totally reliable materials and technical services.

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News March 2015 - We are pleased to launch Flexcoat One – a polymer enhanced cement coating used for waterproofing, resurfacing and concrete protection. It is a single component cementitious coating manufactured using selected cements, fillers and dry polymer. Now in stock.

News February 2015 - We are pleased to be involved with the Millenium Business Park project, Rupa Solitaire, in Navi Mumbai, applying our high elongation liquid applied waterproofing membrane X-Pruf 836HE to the car park roof. The approved specialist applicator, Permatech Concrete Solutions, was awarded the contract to undertake the work. X-Pruf 836HE was specified, with 1000% elongation, ideally suited for this critical application, manufactured by X-Calibur Inc, international manufacturer of high quality waterproofing materials.

News February 2015 - We are please to be involved with the India Bulls Power Plant (now known  as Rattan India Ltd) in Amravati, supplying our Cladseal PU for the expansion joints in the reservoir walls. A high performance material was required and our approved applicators, Guarantor Infrastructure carried out a professional application.

NEW YEAR 2015 - Continued sales of the X-Calibur construction chemical range, means our project portfolio is building. We are happy to assist at all stages of your project and look forward to providing solutions to your concrete waterproofing and protection needs throughout 2015.

NEWS December 2014 - We welcomed Raj Kumar Bhargo in November to Headway. Raj has experience in waterproofing and becomes a valuable part of the team in Delhi.  Infact, Raj has experience of selling the X-Calibur range of materials whilst he worked overseas in Nigeria, so we are sure he will hit the ground running.

NEWS October 2014 - We welcome Manojit Gupta to our team as Regional Manager East. Manojit has a wealth of experience in passive fire protection and he will contribute to the knowledge within Headway Chemicals and give a welcome boost to our efforts with this product line.  Manojit will also take steps to introduce our other product ranges into the East.

NEWS August 2014 - Another new employee. Gopinder Verma joined us as Area Sales Manager West. Gopinder has good experience in waterproofing and sealants and will be a valuable member to our team.

We are also pleased to have successfully completed a training day for all our staff for our range of Construction Chemicals with the support of Fayaz Abdullah of X-Calibur, who had travelled over specially for the event. Technical ability is paramount to ensuring our customers receive the best advice and we can fulfil our pledge to be totally reliable and always offer appropriate products.

NEWS June 2014 - We are introducing a UNIQUE product to the Indian market. X-Seal 3C-AF. It is a unique caulking cord, supplied as a ready to use cord. The product is dampened, packed into the joint and tightly consolidated with a hammer and caulking tool to form a solid pressure resistant joint. The fibre reinforcement enables the joint to withstand hydrostatic pressure immediately the product is compacted. The product can accommodate vibration and normal deflection, as well as expansion and contraction caused by temperature variations.

NEWS May 2014 - We are pleased to introduce a new product from the X-Calibur range. X-Shield Flexpruf, a high performance, flexible elasto-cement coating used for waterproofing of concrete and masonry. Offering high flexibility and UV resistance, it is appropriate for waterproofing areas with movement (bathrooms, swimming pools, roofs etc) as well as general waterproofing. Stocks are available. 

NEWS: March 2013 - Automotive Sealants in stock.  Due to increased demand, stocks of automotive sealants for the automotive aftermarket and bus, truck and rail industry are now available in India. Please contact us for details.

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